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South Dakota Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations

Whether it\’s fly fishing for trout or trophy-size fishing, South Dakota is a paradise for professional anglers and weekend enthusiasts. Lake Alvin and Lake Sharpe are just two of the state\’s most desirable travel destinations.

The state offers tourists and seasoned anglers a variety of fishing permits to choose from, from short-term to annual licenses, including those for residents and non-residents. You may also need to obtain permits to fish with set or hoop lines. Applying for your own South Dakota fishing license can be easily completed online. The links below answer all of your questions about license fees and online applications. These fees help with the state\’s conservation efforts.

Dakota Fishing Licenses

Before embarking on your trip, you must find out about the fishing laws and regulations of the area you plan to visit. These rules are strictly enforced for the benefit of the fish population and the conservation of marine life and its habitats. Because some protocols change without notice, you will need to check for updates from time to time.

One way to add to the state\’s conservation efforts is to share your own observations on marine life in the area with biologists, if asked. The data collected will help accelerate their research and conservation programs.

Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations in South Dakota

Planning your next fishing trip can be a daunting task, especially when you are responsible for sourcing and obtaining all of the required licenses and permits. The good thing is that getting a fishing license in the state of South Dakota is very easy and as easy as walking around the park.

Not only that, South Dakota is also home to abundant and scenic fishing spots, which makes it not only a bucket list entry, but a must-see! Whether you want to fish from the shores of Lake Alvin near Harrisburg or take a boat to explore one of the best perch fishing spots on Lake Sharpe, you must have your valid fishing license with you first. And we\’re here to help.

This article answers all the questions we can think of when buying a fishing license – whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler. So here\’s what you need to know:

Who Must Get a South Dakota Fishing License?

A valid driver\’s license is required for people aged 16 and over. A resident or non-resident fishing license is required to catch fish, turtles, bullfrogs, or bait. And like other states, South Dakota offers its residents special discounts and privileges. Here are the criteria you must meet in order to qualify as a South Dakota resident:

  • Have a residence in South Dakota for at least 90 consecutive days immediately prior to the date of application to acquire or attempt to obtain a hunting, fishing, or trapping license / permit. A residence is a person\’s furnished, permanent and permanent home to which the person, when absent, currently intends to return, and
  • not claim to be resident in any other state or foreign country for any purpose and
  • Do not claim any hunting, fishing or trapping privileges in another state or country, and
  • Before each application for a driver\’s license, transfer the person\’s driver\’s license and vehicle registration applications to SD, and transfer the person\’s driver\’s license and license plates to SD.

In addition, the following person is also eligible to obtain a South Dakota resident fishing license:

  • Any person previously resident in the SD, absent for United States or SD business, or serving in the US armed forces, or the spouse of an active military person;
  • Anyone who was previously resident in SD and who is absent as a full-time student due to regular secondary school attendance;
  • Any person in the active US military or that person\’s spouse permanently stationed in SD;
  • Any person who is a patient in a war veteran hospital in SD;
  • Any person who is an employee of the Veterans Administration or Veterans Hospital in SD;
  • Any person residing on restricted military reservations in SD;
  • Any person who regularly attends a secondary school in SD as a full-time student 30 days or more immediately before applying;
  • Any overseas exchange student over the age of 16 who has attended a public or private high school and lived in the state for 30 days or more prior to filing the application;
  • All foreign exchange students between 12 and 16 years of age who have completed the GFP course for the safe handling of firearms and who have received a certificate of proficiency after completing the training and who have been living in SD for 30 days or more prior application for a license;
  • Any person who is a minor of a resident of SD. is dependent

Where can I buy a South Dakota fishing license?

Resident and non-resident fishing licenses can be purchased at many retail stores, bait stores, and some district treasurer offices. There are at least 300 license vendors throughout the state of South Dakota that you can take advantage of this map to find the closest license agent in your area.

You can also purchase your license more conveniently online. All you have to do is visit them South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks website to buy the necessary license for you or as a gift.

Please note that the last four digits of your social security number are required to obtain a South Dakota fishing license. The Social Security Number information is required by all US citizens before this application is processed. This information is treated confidentially. The information is required to comply with government laws governing the collection of overdue child support payments.

Various fishing licenses in South Dakota

Fishing permits are available to both South Dakota residents and non-residents. These licenses are used to catch fish (and other species) in various fishing spots across the state. The cost of the licenses varies depending on several factors such as age and residence status. Here is a summary of the various fishing licenses you can get in the state of South Dakota:

Resident annual fishing$ 28
Resident 1-day fishing$ 8
Resident Senior Fishing$ 12
Fishing permit for wild fish for spearing and archery$ 5
Resident Setline license$ 5
Resident Hoop Net license$ 10
Group license for inpatient care facilities$ 35
Resident combination (small game + fishing)$ 55
Resident Senior Combination (Age 65+)$ 40
Resident Junior Combination (Age 16-18)$ 27
Reduced fee for residents – hunting and fishingCompletely Disabled and Select Veteran Card – South Dakota residents who qualify and are eligible can purchase a 4-year Disabled / Veteran Hunting and Fishing Card for a fee of US $ 10.
Non-resident family fishing$ 67
Non-resident annual fishing$ 67
Non-resident 1 day fishing$ 16
3-day fishing for non-residents$ 37
Non-Resident Youth: Option 1 (Annual Youth Fishing License)$ 25
Non-resident youth: option 2Non-residents under the age of 16 do not require a license when fishing with a parent or guardian who has a valid South Dakota fishing license. The juvenile\’s fish must be included in the daily and possession limit of the parents or legal guardians. Youngsters who want to take their own catch with them can get a fishing license for Acquire non-residents.

annual fishing license

As can be seen in the matrix above, a resident can purchase an annual fishing license for as little as $ 28.00. Please note that residents between the ages of 16 and 18 must purchase the Junior Combination License, which includes fishing and all hunting privileges, for the same price. Resident young people under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license. If a resident prefers to purchase a 1-day fishing license instead, they can do so for as little as $ 8.00. Seniors can also purchase an annual license at a discounted price of $ 12.00.


In addition, residents can also purchase some combination licenses to fish and hunt at the same time. A resident combination license (small game + fishing) can be purchased by residents aged 19 and over to fish (including frogs and turtles) and hunt small game including pheasant, capercaillie, partridge, quail, cottonseed rabbit and tree squirrel. This annual combo license is $ 55.00. Seniors residing 65 years of age or older must purchase the Senior Combo License for a discounted price of $ 40.00, and resident teenagers ages 16-18 must purchase the Junior Combo License for $ 27.00.


If you\’re a non-resident, you can purchase a non-resident family fishing license for your family for as little as $ 67.00. This license allows a non-resident and immediate family (children under 16 years of age and spouse) to fish for the entire duration of the license. The combined harvest of all family members covered by this license may not exceed a daily limit and an ownership limit for each species. If you\’re single or don\’t want to bring your family on your planned South Dakota fishing trip, you can purchase an annual non-resident fishing license for the same price.

Short-term licenses are also available to non-residents in South Dakota. You can purchase a 1-day or 3-day fishing license for as little as $ 16.00 and $ 37.00, respectively. Non-resident young people under the age of 16 who want to comply with their fish and / or fish restrictions themselves can purchase the annual fishing license for young people, which grants all the privileges of the annual fishing license for adults. Additionally, non-residents under the age of 16 do not require a fishing license when fishing with a parent or guardian who has a valid South Dakota fishing license. The juvenile\’s fish must be included in the daily and possession limit of the parents or legal guardians. A child wishing to cross their fishing line can purchase a non-resident fishing license.

Fishing Regulations in the State of South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is implementing fish restrictions and other regulations to ensure that despite all fishing activities across the state, a healthy fish population is maintained. Here are some of the most critical fishing regulations in the state of South Dakota:

Fish limits

  • The 15 \»minimum length restriction for walleye has been removed from all waters with a daily limit of 4 fish for walleye, with the exception of waters where assessments are in progress. Waters with the 15\» minimum removed include:
  • Clear Lake and Roy Lake (Marshall Counties), Richmond Lake (Brown County), Elm Lake (Brown / McPherson Counties), Enemy Swim and Pickerel Lakes (Day Counties), and Lake Mitchell and Firesteel Creek (Davison Counties).
  • Smallmouth bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass) size restrictions have been lifted in all waters except Burke Lake, Gregory County, New Wall Lake, Pennington County, and Lake Yankton, Yankton County.
  • The one trout over 14 \»in a daily limit scheme has been removed from Black Hills Lakes. The scheme remains in place for Black Hills Brooks.
  • Lake Trout or Splake in the Black Hills Fish Management Area now has a minimum length of 24 inches and a daily limit of 1 piece.
  • Walleye at Horseshoe Lake (Day County) now has a minimum length of 28 \»and a daily limit of 1.
  • The day and ownership restrictions for White Bass and Rock Bass have been removed from all inland waters in South Dakota.

Aquatic invasive species

  • Lake Yankton was added to the list of containment waters.
  • Starry Stonewort was added to the list of aquatic invasive species.

frequently asked Questions

Q: I caught a tagged fish, where do I report it?

If the fish was caught on Lake Oahe, email your name, tag number, boat ramp used, general fishing location, fish length and date of catch to or call 605.223.7656. If you\’d like some background information on when and where your fish was tagged, please include an email or postal address you\’d like to send it to.

Q: How old does my child have to be before they need a fishing license?

Population: 16 years old. Non-Residents: Non-residents under the age of 16 do not require a fishing license if a parent or legal guardian has a valid South Dakota fishing license and the juvenile\’s fish are within the daily and possession limit of the parent or legal guardian. Non-resident youth under 16 who wish to exceed their fish limit or are not from a licensed parent or legal guardian must obtain a foreign youth license.

Q: Does South Dakota have a lifetime fishing license?


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