Maine Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations


Maine Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations

Maine offers several waterways for fishing. There are lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, estuaries and of course the entire coast of Maine overlooking the Atlantic. There are a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species in Maine, but a fishing license is required. There is perch, trout, salmon, chain pike, nautical chart and sunfish for games in hot and cold water. Then there is the Atlantic salmon, sturgeon, striped bass, haddock, halibut and Atlantic bluefin tuna for saltwater games. Note that there are very strict restrictions on most of these saltwater fish.

You can purchase your Maine fishing license from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website or from any licensed fishing or outdoor store near you. Before packing your gear, it is best to read government regulations on fishing season, bag restrictions, and length restrictions.

Maine Fishing Licenses

Maine has its own fishing regulations and laws. The regulations depend heavily on whether you want to catch ice fish, open water fish, or salt water fish. The rules must be strictly adhered to, as this would lead to the impoverishment of the fish or even to the endangerment of some species. If everyone is fishing for the sake of fishing, there will be no more fun in the sport and, to some extent, food for future generations. Here are some links explaining the existing fishing laws in Maine.

There appears to be an increase in the number of anglers in Maine, as evidenced by the increasing number of fishing licenses issued. In relation, this means that the waterways and fish resources are exposed to increased pressure. Some of the funds from the issuance of fishing licenses will be used to create efficient fish management and conservation plans, led by credible scientists and biologists. Everyone can help to conserve and preserve these resources by only complying with fishing regulations and laws.

Fishing Licenses, Laws, and Regulations in Maine

Before you go fishing in Rangeley Lake State Park and other rich marine and freshwater spots in the state of Maine, you must first obtain a fishing license. With the right license, permit and marking, you can enjoy the Main\’s rich biodiversity with rare species of open water fish, ice fish and salt water fish.

But buying a fishing license is not a passport for every angler to benefit from the environment. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is there to develop guidelines and implement regulations for fishing activities in the state\’s waters. Even so, everyone must ensure that the natural resources throughout Maine are preserved. Otherwise, only the next generation will see the state\’s natural wonders in books and photographs.

Not only that, licenses ensure that anglers abide by state fishing regulations; the proceeds from license sales will also be used to fund the DIFW\’s conservation efforts, including research and breeding projects. So, if you are planning to visit Maine\’s rich waters to catch trout, then this article answers all of your questions about the state of Maine fishing licenses.

Who Must Get a Maine Fishing License?

In principle, all resident and non-resident anglers and fishermen aged 16 and over must acquire the necessary licenses and permits to fish in inland waters or to transport fish from inland waters. Similar to other states, residents have special discounts and can purchase special licenses as well.

Important license terms in Maine

All anglers who fish in the inland waters of Maine or wish to transport fish from these waters must have their fishing license with them at all times while fishing or transporting fish and their license for inspection by all supervisors, department employees, guides, or property owners upon request. In the absence of a paper license, a digital copy of the Maine fishing license and permits may be displayed in place of the paper license.

You must also understand that mere possession of fishing tackle in the fields or forests or on the waters or ice of this state without the required fishing license is a violation of the law.

How do I buy a Maine fishing license?

There are several ways to get a fishing license in the state of Maine. The most convenient way to order it online is by following this link: In addition, fishing licenses can be obtained from agents across the state. These commercial agents include sports stores, many convenience stores, town clerks, and turnpike service centers. You can also purchase your fishing license directly and in person from the Maine Department\’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Office in Augusta.

Various fishing licenses in Maine

Much like other states in the US, Maine requires anglers 16 and over to have different fishing licenses. The cost of these licenses also varies depending on whether the applicant is a resident or a non-resident. Here is a roundup of the different types of fishing licenses you can buy in the state of Maine and how much they cost:

ResidentsNot resident
Season fishing (from 16 years)$ 25Season fishing (from 16 years)$ 64
Combination fishing and hunting$ 43Combination fishing and hunting$ 150
Combination fishing and archery$ 4315 days fishing ***$ 47
1 day fishing *$ 117 days of fishing$ 43
Service man (resident **) combination$ 33 day fishing$ 23
Service man-dependent (resident) combination$ 201 day fishing$ 11
(Resident) fishing dependent on the serviceman$ 10duplicate

(received from an agent who issued the original)

$ 2

(received from an agent who issued the original)

$ 2  
Super pack$ 201

residents and non-residents

Both residents and non-residents 16 years of age or older must obtain a seasonal fishing license. If you are a resident you only have to pay $ 25.00 for it, otherwise you need to pay $ 64.00. A combo fishing and hunting license that allows holders to fish and hunt throughout the state of Maine is also available for $ 43.00 (residents) and $ 150.00 (non-residents). Residents also have the option to purchase a fishing and archery combo license for $ 43.00. Note that the annual fishing license sold in Maine expires each December 31st of the calendar year for which it is issued.

Aside from the annual fishing licenses, both residents and non-residents have the option to purchase a 1-day fishing license for $ 11.00. Maine residents are also entitled to exchange their 1-day license for a seasonal fishing license or a combined hunting and fishing license upon payment of the difference between this fee and the seasonal license fee plus the agent\’s fee.

In the meantime, non-residents have the option to purchase a 3-day, 7-day, or 15-day fishing license for $ 23.00, $ 43.00, and $ 47.00, respectively. Non-residents who have previously purchased a 15-day license also have the option of exchanging this for a seasonal non-resident fishing license for USD 17 plus the brokerage fee.

Members of the military are also entitled to a reduced license fee on presentation of the required proof of active service. Maine residents permanently posted outside the state are also eligible for the same benefits. Additionally, non-residents between the ages of 18 and 24 who are enrolled full-time in a Maine college may be eligible for fishing, hunting, and trapping permits.

Special licenses and permits

Maine License for Life

You can also purchase a lifetime fishing license for yourself and as a gift to someone else that will allow the holder to to fish, catch and / or hunt all his life, regardless of where he will live in the future. Here is a matrix of the tariffs of the Lifetime Licenses you can purchase in the state of Maine:

of two*
Combination of any three *
5 years and younger$ 150$ 150$ 150$ 150$ 250$ 400
6-15 years$ 300$ 300$ 300$ 300$ 500$ 800
65 years old$ 50$ 50$ 50$ 50$ 80$ 110
66 age$ 40$ 40$ 40$ 40$ 64$ 94
67 years old$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 48$ 78
68 years old$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 32$ 52
69 years old$ 10$ 10$ 10$ 10$ 16$ 26
70 and older$ 8.00 – Covers any authorities you are qualified to see below.
5 years and younger$ 450$ 450$ 450$ 450$ 750$ 1,200
6-15 years$ 900$ 900$ 900$ 900$ 1,500$ 2,400

Licenses with special privileges

Members of the military are also entitled to a reduced license fee on presentation of the required proof of active service. Maine residents permanently posted outside the state are also eligible for the same benefits. Additionally, non-residents between the ages of 18 and 24 who are enrolled full-time in a Maine college may be eligible for fishing, hunting, and trapping permits.

Military currently stationed in Maine.

Anyone serving in the U.S. Forces and permanently posted to a Maine military base (including a spouse and dependent children if they reside permanently with that person) can obtain a permit to hunt, trap, or fish.

Maine Resident Military currently stationed outside of Maine.

Residents who are on active duty with the U.S. Forces and are permanently stationed outside of Maine can purchase either a hunting, fishing, trapping, or combined hunting and fishing license at the Maine Resident Serviceman combo price, provided that they are certain: that Maine is their hometown and that they are permanently stationed outside of Maine. Your spouse and dependent children living with you are also entitled to reduced tariffs. See the matrix of discounted prices here.

Exchange students.

Any foreign national under the age of 21 who lives with a family in Maine on a cultural or educational exchange program can obtain a permit to hunt or fish.

Daily fishing restrictions

The state of Maine has set a specific daily catch limit for various regulated species found in the state\’s waters. A full guide to the various daily fishing restrictions, as well as other fishing regulations across the state, can be found here free resource.

frequently asked Questions

Q: Do disabled veterans get a discount?

Yes. Maine-based and non-resident veterans (if their home state has mutual privileges) who have been honorably discharged from the U.S. Forces or the National Guard and have a service disability of 50% or more can request a free fishing, trapping license or hunting (including all required permits and other permits and a driver\’s license if the qualifications are met) as well as an extended archery permit for both sexes and an extended archery permit for antlers of deer.

Q: What are the special Native American privileges?

Native Americans are also eligible for a free lifetime hunting, archery, trapping, and fishing license, including permits and other permits required for hunting, trapping, and fishing. Any person who is a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the Penobscot Nation, the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, or the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, upon presentation of a certificate from the respective reserve governor or the Aroostook Micmac Council certifying that they are enrolled is a member of this officially recognized nation, gang or tribe, the above-mentioned privilege is granted by the commissioner.

Q: What is the cost of reprinting lost / damaged licenses?

Lost and damaged licenses can be reprinted for a fee of $ 2, but can only be obtained from the agent who issued the original license.

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